Australian Shepherds aka "Aussies"

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, medium-sized dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. He is also a delightful and loyal companion and a great family dog. He loves to be part of the daily hustle and bustle, and enjoys riding in the vehicle just to be with his beloved master. As a farm dog, he diligently carries out his responsibilities, be they bringing in the stock or finding that stray one that got tangled in the brush. He is easy to train, easy to housebreak, and eager to please. source - The United States Australian Shepherd Association (Photo: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show illustrating excellent type; father, son and cousin.)

Gefion Hall Australian Shepherds

As the Aussie is a working breed and under natural circumstances would be required to cover a tremendous amount of ground each day without becoming fatigued, structure was of utmost importance.

Therefore, the foundation of the breeding program was begun with dogs that displayed outstanding structure. As structure and movement work hand in hand, a complete dog would not only be built to fit the standard it would also move fluidly with a maximum of reach and drive.

In addition to structure and movement, a complete dog must have intelligence and the instincts for working that can only be inherited from its forebears. Without the motivation and drive to perform the work the breed was intended for, all you have is another pretty dog.

Finally the complete Aussie must have good temperament. Without this important quality, the structure, instincts and intelligence are worthless. The dog must be able to adjust to family living and become a loving, obedient and trustworthy companion.

In breeding for the complete dog, one must never lose sight of the future. In choosing sires and dams, examining pedigrees and studying genetic factors, one must always keep in mind the effect that breeding will have on generations in the future. With this in mind, Georjean utilizes many different lines to find the combination that works. In a select combination of line breeding and outcrosses, she assures that future offspring will be sound in both mind and body.


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