When I founded Gefion Hall Kennels, I began working with the Australian Shepherd - this was in 1968. The more I became involved, the more I realized that there was a drastic split in the dogs within the breed. Breeders were either producing show dogs or working dogs. There was no “complete” dog, which combined both show qualities and working qualities. Seeing a real need within the breed I began to strategically plan a breeding program, working toward that “complete” dog which would combine proper structure, breed type, intelligence, instinct and temperament. With this goal in mind, I chose the name “Gefion” for her kennel, which means “strength, of strong maternal background”. There is only one breed standard.
— Georjean Busha Hertzwig

Thank you stopping by Gefion Hall Kennels website. I know that having expressed an interest in the dogs that are being produced at our kennel, that you are most probably a very discriminating buyer. You will see my philosophy, from which Gefion Hall Kennels began and our vision for the future of the Australian Shepherd, from the pages in this website. Feel free to email me or call 845 803 4989 if you have any questions.