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Announcement puppy litter due late fall 2017, early spring 2018

Gabriel's Grand-Sire

Gabriel's Grand-Sire



Announcing Outstanding Working Pedigreed Pick Blue Merle Male Puppy GABRIEL

Wonderful temperament and bred to work and compete IN livestock VENUES or BE a wonderful companion!

At 6 weeks he began working ducks!

Dam: WTCH Gefion's Makinnews, Multiple High in Trial, AKC, ASCA

Sire: A very talented up-and-coming herding competition dog


Serious inquires contact

Geojean Buscha Hertzwig

(845) 803-4989 or georjart@gmail.com

1788 Fletcher Road
Estill Springs, Tennessee, 37330




Puppy announcement! Litter due late FALL 2017. 

Call soon as this is a once of a life time litter and requests are filling up fast!



  AKC Grand Champion Gefion's Juxapose

Blue Merle Female
Date of Birth: 03/26/2013
OFA: Hips Good • Elbows Normal
MDR1: n/M1
CEA: n/n
PHA: Positive
CMR1: n/n
DM: n/n
HC: n/n
AKC #: DN36528501
ASCA #: E182333


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To reserve a Gefion Hall Kennels Australian Shepherd, a refundable deposit of $150.00 is needed. If sex and/or color is an important factor those specifics would need to be noted. If there is a particular time you would like to receive your puppy, we will strive to meet your needs. Gefion Hall is now ready to offer top-notch puppies and finished stock to the Australian Shepherd fancier. This breed is not for everyone; they are a herding dog with high intelligence, agility, prey drive and 100% loyalty to the owner. One must be a leader. If one does one to three years of committed training and socialization, you will end up with a great dog, There are no short-cuts.

These puppies should be excellent pheno types and excellent movers for the show ring with great working attitude. For companion, pet and performance homes, serious inquiries only. For Northern States, please contact Andrea Blizard at (845) 242-4124 or andreablizard@gmail.com and for Southern States, please contact Geojean Buscha Hertzwig at (845) 803-4989 or georjart@gmail.com between 8-9 a.m. or 5-9 p.m.  We check emails regularly. Please leave a message if we do not answer, we will return your call promptly.

These dogs represent the ultimate in the complete Aussie:

Here's a video of a 1-year old male Aussie (Eddie) with owner Bill

  • Structure
  • Intelligence
  • Instinct
  • Temperament
  • Home of National Champions
  • Herding Trial Champions
  • High in Trial Obedience
  • Agility Winners
  • Seeing Impaired Service Dogs
  • Search and Rescue
  • Service Dogs
  • We are Committed to Breed Quality

WTCH Gefion's Makinnews, Multiple High in Trial, AKC, ASCA

Again, thank you for your interest in Gefion Hall Kennels. We are proud of our dogs and the impact they have had on the Australian Shepherd in the world today. We feel confident that any one of them would make an outstanding show or trial competitor or a lovable and faithful companion. We hope to hear from you soon. 


Call Andrea at Gefion Kennels North: (845) 242-4124 or email at andreablizard@gmail.com

Georjean at Gefion Kennels South: (845) 803-4989 or email at georjart@gmail.com


Please leave a message, we will call you promptly!